Granville South Public School

Looking Ahead

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About our school

Granville South Public School has been a family friendly community school since 1889. We value change and we have been reinventing and updating our school story for 126 years. We see education as a life long journey of self-improvement and self-discovery.

Our school promotes inclusivity, diversity and we see our school as a ladder of opportunity. We challenge, extend and motivate students to become successful learners.

We learn the lessons of history. We study our 19th and 20th century school history, our local Granville history and our national and international history. This shapes who we are and it also shapes our contribution to the 21st century global community.

We are young and vibrant 21st Century learners. We read for meaning and for pleasure. We create, we explore and we connect. We ask you not just to support our learning journey but to join us on our journey as equal partners.

Made in Granville for a global future.