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Transition to our kindergarten

Kinder transition

At Granville South Public School we are committed to providing a smooth transition for your child from Pre-School to Kindergarten. We run a program during Terms 3 & 4 focused on building social skills and gauging ability which will assist your child in their educational future. Through planned activities students develop social skills, learn about school life and daily routines and participate in early literacy and numeracy lessons.

Schools as Community Centre

Granville South Schools as Community Centres (SaCC) program was established in 2007 and aims to connect families with children aged 0-8 years with each other and with other services in the Granville South and surrounding areas. The Schools as Community Centres program is a NSW Government initiative and a Families NSW Project. The Schools as Community Centres program is funded and supported by the Departments of Education and Community, Health, Housing and Disability, Ageing and Home Care.

The Schools as Community Centres program is founded on research that highlights the importance of:

  • the early years of children's  development
  • the role of parents as their child's first teacher, and
  • the community fabric as an essential element in gaining good outcomes for children

The program facilitates partnerships with families with children aged from birth to eight years, in communities where indicators of disadvantage are high. There is a focus on the years prior to school.

In the Schools as Community Centres program, the school is promoted as a focal point and resource for the community, where families feel comfortable and safe.

Schools as Community Centres program work in partnership to achieve outcomes, with the participating Departments fully involved in the management of the program at a State, Regional and local level


The Schools as Community Centres program aims to:

  • improve decision-making processes relating to the provision of services through increased community participation
  • improve the effectiveness of service provision for families with young children  through integration and interagency collaboration
  • increase the confidence and skills of parents in their role, and
  • strengthen communities through building community networks


The Schools as Community Centres program has a strong commitment to the principles of:

  • recognising and building on community strengths, assets and skills
  • prevention and early intervention
  • valuing and reflecting cultural diversity
  • mutually respectful and supportive relationships involving agencies and community members
  • working in partnership and sharing resources
  • participating in the development of networks that promote collaborative planning and accessible services
  • learning as a life long process

Granville South Schools as Community Centres (SaCC) program outreaches to the community of Granville South and surrounding areas including the school communities of Granville South Public School, Granville East Public School and Granville and Merrylands East Public School. The SaCC program uses a Community Development approach to developing opportunities and programs for families and community members and values the opportunity to partner with other agencies and providers. Here are some of the programs, workshops and events that have been offer:

  • Supported Playgroup
  • Parenting Programs - Triple P and 123 Magic
  • TAFE Outreach Adult Education - Computer Classes, First Aid, English Language Classes
  • Speech and Language Program (in partnership with Sydney University)
  • Music Program - Sing & Grow
  • Transition to School Programs
  • Getting Ready for School Program
  • Dilly Bag Program
  • Parent workshops and information sessions - Early Literacy, Numeracy, Health, Safety, Nutrition, Personal Care
  • Library  - ensuring books are available in homes
  • Breakfast program
  • School and Community Garden
  • Kids and Mums Exercise
  • Outings
  • Community EXPO's

For more information about the Schools as Community Centres program, visit the NSW Education website.